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InBrowser is a unique web browser designed for mobile devices that prioritizes user privacy and anonymity. Developed by Private Internet Access Inc., this free browser focuses on protecting your online activity from tracking and prying eyes.

Similar to other privacy-focused browsers like Firefox Focus and Dolphin Zero, InBrowser ensures that each session's data and history are immediately deleted upon exiting the app. This means that your browsing activity remains completely private and secure.

One of the standout features of InBrowser is its use of the TOR protocol, which provides effective encryption and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on certain websites and streaming services. This ensures that your online activity remains anonymous and unrestricted.

Despite its emphasis on privacy, InBrowser still offers all the standard features you would expect from a web browser. It supports tabbed browsing, allowing you to easily navigate between multiple websites. You can also download files such as documents, videos, and images directly from the browser.

In addition, InBrowser includes a built-in media player, enabling you to enjoy proper video playback while browsing the internet. If you use LastPass for password management, you'll be pleased to know that InBrowser integrates well with the service, providing easy and secure logins.

Another useful feature of InBrowser is agent cloaking, which allows you to switch between mobile and desktop versions of specific websites. However, it's worth noting that InBrowser may not work well with certain VPN services, depending on how they handle data and internet traffic.

Overall, InBrowser is a solid option for those seeking private web browsing. It offers a user-friendly interface, similar functionality to standard browsers, and ensures that your internet activity remains secure and protected from tracking. Just be aware of occasional crashes that may occur. Highly recommended for those who prioritize privacy.

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